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Who Invented This Product

 sleeping box



It’s a gift Mark Zuckerberg sent to his wife on 30th,April 2019. He call it "sleeping box". The reason he invented the box is to improve his wife’s slumber

Why The Sleeping Box


For those who are not sleeping well, they often wake up in the middle of the night, check the time through their cell phones or alarm clocks, and then never fall asleep again. For people with vision problems, they even have to find glasses to see the time.


 The timer light perfectly solves these problems. After setting the wake-up time and length of the light, when people wake up at night, if there is no faint light below the box, fall back asleep again, even need not open the eyes.

No time display on the zuck light, No anxiety all over the night.  

Development and Mass Production


 Find the nice wood to make the zuck box 


 Design the circuit board and accomplish the debugging of the Zuck light


 On 10 June,2019, the world's first sleeping box was mass produced by Old Shark, we call it  Zuck Box  


Zuck Box has 3 different wood for your selection


Basic Version Zuck Box 


Wireless Charger Version Zuck Box

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