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  • It's perfect if you know how to use it

    Gabriela Melo 2017-05-07

    I almost gave up on buying this because there are so many complainings of all kinds. But I don't have any problem with this product. The package was intact, with all content and It was delivered earlier. I saw some people complaining that the pics were blurry and what I have to say about that is that they don't know how to use the lens! Because the macro lens are for taking pictures very closely. I'm attaching some pictures of my lens and some I took with the lens. I also saw people saying it doesn't fit on the phone with the case: well, if you have a huge case of course it wont fit! I have a normal case and it fits just fine. The holder does not scratch the phone or anything. They are very small lens and must be managed with care. I also saw people complaining there wanst any container to carry the lens. Mine came with a perfect little bag. But if it didnt I'm sure I could manage to find something for this purpose. They even sent me some lids to cover and protect the lens.

  • I really love these lenses. I bought and returned a magnetic version that never worked for me. This clip-on one allows me to use lenses while my protective case is still on the phone. Also I can use it with both the front and back cameras. Overall, it's a great product but the only thing I would change is making all the lenses separate. The wide-angle is meant to give you a greater field of view, and the macro is meant to "magnify" small details. Having the macro and wide-angle as a 2-in-1 piece makes my images slightly blurry if using both (since wide-angle and macro are kind of at odds at what to do). It also means that you cannot use the wide-angle lens on its own. If the company chooses to update their product in the future, I would suggest they keep the lenses separate, or make it so one would be able to combine any of the lenses.

Its not screwing on. And the clip doesnt fit to my galaxy s5. What should i do?

They're very small threads. Make sure it's straight and try to keep it straight while turning. However, if it doesn't look like it'll make it to your camera, even threaded in, then you may have to return it. I suppose you could try and modify it, but it seems like if this one doesn't fit your phone, then there would be one that would without having to modify it. Joel Dalton answered on October 17, 2016

Does it work with LG G3?

Yes, it works with any phone. it comes with a clip that attaches to the camera section from both sides of the phone. Omar answered on July 29, 2015