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  • This is my third set of phone camera lenses kit for my smartphones. It is also my favorite one after some testing. It comes with two clips and two lenses. The lenses are pretty good. They work well with phone cameras. Photo quality is quite acceptable. As shown in the attached pictures, the two clips are different. A regular one, which works, and a very adaptive one, which comes with a tilting plate. The latter fits perfectly well with all my phones, including the larger ones like Samsung Note II with very thick case and Moto X Pure, which has a curved back. These phones are very hard to work with any lens with regular clips. The tilting plate solved the problem. Smart idea! Both lenses come with front and rear covers. They are well protected from scratching each other in the provided bag. Now I am carrying this set all the time. Very happy with this purchase. I wouldn't miss any shot, especially in this holiday season. Update 12/16/16 I totally forgot there is the third lens in this package. It is a macro lens which can be separated from that two-in-one wide angle lens. Tested and found it is exceptionally good. I took several shots, including two from a storybook. Compare the little dog taken with macro lens and the whole page taken with the smartphone. Isn't it amazing?

  • OldShark Phone Camera Lens Kit Package Contents 1 – Fisheye Lens 1 – Wide angle lens 1 – Macro Lens 2 – Front Lens Covers 2 – Back Lens Covers 1 – Fisheye Lens Clip 1 – Wide Angle Lens Clip 1 – Carrying Pouch 1 – Lens Cloth 1 – User Guide Review The OldShark phone camera lens kit comes with three different lenses to produce professional looking, dramatic photographs. The wide-angle lens allows you to shoot a much wider area compared to a standard lens. The fisheye lens provides close and rounded photographs, similar to what a fish underwater sees. The macro lens allows you to zoom in on your subject and produce detailed, close-up photographs. Using the lenses is straightforward. Take one of the lenses, screw it into the appropriate clip, attach the clip to your phone camera and shoot. Do note that the macro lens is attached to the wide-angle lens. You will need to unscrew the wide-angle lens before you can use the macro lens. For best results, remove your phone case and ensure that lenses are free of dust. The wide-angle lens allowed me to cover a much wider area. While a wider area is nice, there is a considerable loss in quality and detail. The loss of quality and detail is to be expected because the subject area is larger but it was much more than I had anticipated. During my tests, there were parts of the photograph that were soft (slightly out of focus). The fisheye lens worked better than the wide-angle lens. I was able to produce rounded-looking photographs with much less degradation in quality. The photographs taken with the fisheye lens were good and met my expectation. Using the macro lens was very challenging. First, it took me a while to figure out that I needed to be extremely close to the subject (in millimeters) to be able to get a recognizable photograph. Because you have to be extremely close, any slight movement will cause a blurry image. It took me about twenty minutes to capture an acceptable photo with the macro lens. The experience between an SLR camera attached with a macro lens is quite different compared to a phone camera with a macro lens attachment. Macro photography with SLR cameras is much easier compared to phone cameras. The use of a tripod is highly recommended when using the macro lens. Despite the challenge and the time it took to produce an acceptable image with the macro lens, the details in the results were amazing. I was also able to produce nice bokehs with the macro lens. With much practice, a tripod and good lighting, results can be dramatic. The user guide (v1.3) is short, straight to the point and easy to follow. Pros • Complete kit with lenses, clips, lens cloth and carrying pouch • Good results with the fisheye lens • Acceptable results with the macro lens • Dramatic results with the macro lens after much practice, tripod and appropriate lighting • Nice bokehs produced by the macro lens • Inexpensive • Fun to use • Inclusion of an adjustable rubber in one of the clips for a better fit • Short and straight to the point user guide Cons • Loss of quality and detail with the wide angle lens • Difficulty in using the macro lens, much practice is needed to be able to produce good results • Users who do not read the manual may not find the macro lens • Hassle of having to remove a multi-layer case to use the kit Conclusion Having studied photography and being a photographer for a few years early in my career, I was excited to use the camera phone lens kit. My expectations were high. I thought that I would be able to produce professional looking, high-quality photographs with the kit. In a sense, I was able to get good, professional-looking results but the professional quality was missing. The considerable loss in detail with the wide-angle lens was surprising. The difficulty in using the macro lens was not expected and frustrating. But for only $20 compared to the hundreds or thousands of dollars in professional photography equipment, this kit delivers. I was wrong to set my expectations too high. I would recommend this kit to the casual phone camera photographer. It must be noted that much practice is needed to be able to produce professional-looking photographs. Users must not expect professional quality with a $20 lens kit. With practice, there is a potential to get the most out of the kit and perhaps, even surprise family and friends with the results. This kit is geared toward casual photography and not professional photography.

Does this work with an iPhone 7 plus

Yes, that's what I have and they work for me. Max from Utah answered on April 5, 2017

Can it be used with a samsung phone

I have an S5...Works great! sdiver answered on February 13, 2017